Dahlinova Hypnotica®

Dahlia’s always fascinate. For ages they have mystified us by their beautiful flowers. Since their discovery they have touched us by their almost geometric flower shape.

Nevertheless, after all these years, there is a Dahlia that brings you one step closer to the ultimate seduction: Dahlinova Hypnotica®. The radiant colors and elegant shape make all other products pale in comparison.

It is a name that hypnotizes and intrigues, it’s given to a flower that has all the qualities to dominate its surrounding. The Dahlinova Hypnotica® is sure to catch the eye in any garden with its color, elegance, attraction and brilliance.

It seems like history repeats, because didn’t the Dahlia (and Dahlinova) not originate from a mystic setting? There, in the mountains of mid America a culture originated that fascinated people worldwide: The Maya’s.

With the Hypnotica Dahlinova tradition continues, a tradition more colorful than ever.

“Let yourself be hypnotized!”