Tips for making the most of your colorful Dahlinova Hypnotica®. Your garden will be flowering as never before.


  • Dahlinova Hypnotica® can be grown in borders, pots and containers
  • Dahlinova Hypnotica® needs enough light and water
  • Always keep the soil moist
  • The strong, voluminous plants need enough space; plant the varieties about 50 cm apart


  • If you pinch the shoots of the young plants, they will branch even more and you will enjoy voluminous strong plants with even more flowers
  • Depending on the kind of soil Dahlinova Hypnotica needs nutrients on a regular basis
  • Taller Dahlinova Hypnotica's can be supported as an extra assurance against strong winds if the flowers are very large and heavy.

Let yourself be hypnotized and enjoy a brilliant season!